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Rewards Program

What a Pool Owner NEEDS know.
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We are educated in the Science of Healthy water.
Don't leave the safety of your family in the hands of the uneducated or the inexperienced. 


Nothing is more important than Water Testing & Proper Treatment

Each water test earns = 2.5 points = $2.50

Monthly, 4 water test = 10 points = $10.00

8 weeks in a row = $20.00,

we’ll Double it to = $40.00

Every 8 consecutive weeks of water test will earn $40.00


Pool Supply Dollars can only be use for labor performed by Pool Supply Atlanta. Example: Service Call, Pool School, Equipment Install, Pool Openings or Closings. Water testing must be done by Pool Supply Atlanta. All recommendations for water balance (Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid, sanitation & oxidation (shocking) must be follow. All of those produces must be purchased from Pool Supply Atlanta.

 (For official rules come into our store) 

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Keep your water testing, balancing & treatments with us, on a regular basis, and we will:
  • Give you One Extra Year Warranty on new equipment purchased & installed (excluding Heaters).
  • New Salt System purchased & installed by Pool Supply Atlanta we will give you a replacement salt cell when the life of the 1st cell runs it's course. 
(For official rules, come into our store) 
Going Green
It’s difficult to say Going Green in the swimming pool business. 
Every one of these products SAVES you MONEY & keeps your water HEALTHIER reducing HARSH CHEMICALS.
Variable Speed Pump – Can save $500 a year in electricity. Circulates water better. REDUCES HARSH CHEMICALS.
Salt System – Reduces the need to Shock your pool. REDUCES HARSH CHEMICALS
Ultraviolet Light – Killers organic contaminants, No Chemicals. REDUCES HARSH CHEMICALS.
Ozone – Destroyers & removes contaminants from the water, No Chemicals. REDUCES HARSH CHEMICALS.
Mineral System – Naturally toxic to bacteria & algae, No Chemicals. REDUCES HARSH CHEMICALS.
Proteam Supreme – Inhibits algae growth. Stays in the water forever unless it is diluted out. REDUCES HARSH CHEMICALS.
Electric Pool Cleaner – Can save $400 in electricity a year VS. a Booster Pump Cleaner. REDUCES HARSH CHEMICALS.
(For official rules come into our store)
Are you looking for:
  • Retail Store
  • Weekly Pool Service
  • Equipment & Chemicals Sales
  • Computerized Water Testing with Professional Analysis
  • Pool School – This is a “How To” on many Money Saving subjects, tips & practices.
  • Equipment repair, replacement & new Install
  • Renovation, Resurface Pebble Finish, Plaster Finish New Eco Finish.
  • Vinyl Liners
  • Deck work, Tile work & Coping work
  • Pool Winterizing, Pool Opening & Pool Closing

Got Questions?

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