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Posted: 3/20/2019
Polaris Quattro Pressure Pool Cleaner NEW
Polaris Quattro Pressure Pool Cleaner
 Polaris Quattro Sport 
Designed to devour debris, the Polaris Quattro Sport boasts 4WD agility to aggressively climb walls and brush the waterline. Even acorns, leaves and pebbles don't stand a chance thanks to its extra-large intake. And with dual-stage filtration, this cutting-edge pressure-side cleaner collects both fine and large debris into an easy-clean canister with a transparent window. Powered by a booster pump, the Quattro sport is ideal for all in-ground pool surfaces.
- Active brushing attacks fine, stuck-on debris
- 4WD agility for floors, walls and waterline
- Multi-directional navigation delivers quick, efficient coverage
- Unmatched climbing from floor to wall
- Large debris intake with powerful triple-Venturi jets
- Large capacity, easy-clean debris canister
- Dual-stage filtration collects fine particles and large debris
- Aggressive brushing action up to the waterline 
*For limited time, $200 mail in rebate offered 
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