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Posted: 3/15/2020
Start Your Pool Season Healthy & Balanced
By Kelly Jackson

Save Money & Save Your Warranties

For over 20 years we’ve been hearing most Roswell pool owners say, “I start the pool season by SHOCKING the pool to get rid of the algae and cloudiness. THEN I bring the water in for water testing.”

At the beginning of pool season, bring your water here FIRST! Why?

#1 Water Testing Saves Money: The MOST IMPORTANT REASON for balancing water is to make your chlorine work most effectively. If the pH level is even slightly off, chlorine can lose 50% to 80% of its ability to kill off contaminates that are harmful to you and make your pool water look ugly. So, if you are shocking your pool water at the start of pool season, you are probably spending more time and money than you need to get the job done.

#2 Water Testing Saves Equipment: Every piece of pool equipment and your pool’s surface has a valid warranty ONLY if you maintain balanced pool water according to industry standards, and you must keep records for proof.

Balancing your pool water at the start of the pool season makes it more ‘gentle.’ Our ‘Tap’ water here has a small amount of minerals and rainwater has No minerals in it. That’s the problem. Water is hungry for minerals. Water that isn’t balanced will naturally erode the metals, for example, inside your pump, filter, heater, salt cell, pool cleaner and every square inch of your pool’s surface or liner. Water will break down and destroy everything it touches UNLESS you get it properly BALANCED through water testing at the start of the pool season. This makes it healthier for you and Protects Your Warranties.

We are Educated in the Science of Healthy Water. We’ll test your water, give you a proper analysis and even keep your water testing records. Just bring in a water sample for FREE water testing.

Our Purpose at Pool Supply is the Protection of your Family and your Investment using water testing to balance your pool water. It’s pool season, and we are ready to help Roswell pool owners.

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