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Posted: 4/4/2019
Orenda CE-Clarifier
Orenda CE-Clarifier
Now in Stock!
 Chitosan Clarifier + Enzyme water cleaner
Ce-Clarifier is an all natural clarifier that is ideal for swimming pools! The enzymes in the formula of this water cleaner boosts the strength of the product to break down and digest non-living organic material, grease, and oils on the surface of the water. The chitosan then finds particles to floc, or coagulate so the pool filter can effectively capture them. The result is sparkling clean water!
- Natural chitosan clarifier
- Added enzyme for increased performance
- Increase water clarity
- No synthetic polymer or dyes
- Removes oils and non-living organic debris
- Clear up cloudy pools
Stop by Pool Supply Atlanta at 2300 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Suite 304 and try out this incredible new product today! 
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