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Posted: 4/3/2019
Phosphates and How they Affect your Pool
What causes your pool to become infested with algae every season?
The answer is Phosphates!
Phosphates are a compound of the element Phosphorous and are the source of energy for aquatic plants, which in the context of your pool, means algae. If phosphates are allowed to remain in the pool water unchecked, then algae is given the chance to proliferate. 
Phosphates are measured in ppb (parts per billion), and the acceptable range is from 0-500ppb, with zero being the best case scenario!
 How do Phosphates enter the pool?
Phosphates are introduced to water from a variety of ways. Here are the most common:
- Water from rain or sprinklers depositing runoff from dirt and fertilizer into the pool water
- Fresh water from city sources (phosphates are commonly used to filter water at sanitation plants)
- Leaves, branches, and other organic debris
The goal is to maintain a consistent "near zero" level of phosphates so to avoid algae blooms in the water, as phosphates are constantly being introduced.
How to maintain low levels of Phosphates
The best way to maintain your phosphates is to get periodic free computerized water testing done at Pool Supply Atlanta!
With our system we can pinpoint exactly how many parts-per-billion of phosphates you have in your water, and prescribe the correct dosage of Natural Chemistry's Phosfree to eliminate all chance of an algae bloom turning your crystal clear water into an unsightly swamp!
Phosfree is added directly to your skimmer to remove Phosphates from the water and instantly starts to do its job once added. This product is an enzyme based organic cleaning product, so there's absolutely no harm to humans (or your dog that loves to swim). It works with all types of pool sanitizers and chemicals, producing a worry free way to clear your pool from phosphates and keep your pool water free from Algae blooms all season long.
Click the bottle! 

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